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I saw and heard the need … Together we will end Veteran homelessness and reduce Veteran suicide.

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You know the old saying you don’t truly “get it” unless you are a part of “that group.” Sadly, 15 years ago when I met my husband, I became a part of “that group.” I met my now husband, 15 years ago upon returning home from his active-duty discharge welcome home party. We hit it off right away. Little by little I started to notice things that were “different.” Over the years, I have watched him have multiple nightmares, observed his hypervigilance at times, watched him do certain things and sit in certain areas. I never thought anything about it at first. After some time, I could tell he was struggling. While I was finishing my graduate degree for Social Work, I vowed that the hoops and daily struggles that he goes through would decrease or hopefully, one day end. So, I started to do research and applying to work for the local VA. After a few years I landed a job at the VA! I was ecstatic. I felt finally, I can help many other Veterans feel a fulfilling and meaningful life without fear! While I did the best, I could and knowing that I did help many amazing Veterans along the way I knew my hands were tied to a degree.

Over the many years of providing therapy, I heard common stories, trials, tribulations, wants and desires. That is when I decided to leave the VA and to do what my heart intended. I spent countless hours of prepping, research, and many sleepless nights creating a strategic plan to create the BEST program out there to assist Veterans. Calm Waters was started in 2020 and now we are officially a 501(c)(3) with the IRS and will continue to build the program and planning. Calm Waters is here to show Veterans people DO listen. We have your 6! I am passionate with what I do, and I am confident we will assist in ending Veteran homelessness and reduce Veteran suicide! Will you join us??

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Krystal Lohff, CEO

Krystal grew up in the Midwest and has been providing mental health counseling since 2007. She has experience in working with individuals, groups, families, marital therapy, and conducting family team meetings. She has worked with children, Native Americans, individuals experiencing homelessness, severe and persistently mentally ill clients, Veterans, and geriatrics. Krystal successfully operated a million-dollar federal grant and worked closely with community partners on protocol and compliance. She has spearheaded several community-based meetings and has served on several boards throughout her career. Krystal has experience in providing evidence-based practices modalities, and holistic approaches geared towards aligning all parts of the body for greater overall wellness and functioning.